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    Applied linguistics is an interdisciplinary field of linguistics which identifies, investigates, and offers solutions to language-related real-life problems. In many ways, it is a fusion of many of the language courses you have studied, so it adopts perspectives on language in use spanning critical discourse analysis, linguistic ethnography, sociocultural theories, literacy, stylistics and sociolinguistics. The course is designed to be primarily exploratory, providing a fitful panoramic view of ways in which linguistics can be applied. But it is also intended to provide participants with an opportunity to engage with at least one real-life issue within their context, using the principles of applied linguistics. In this second sense, participants will have the opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice. 

    This course provides a hands-on learning approach to the application of computer technologies, techniques, software, and tools in music. This includes the important roles of computers in the music industry.

    In this course, students will learn and work with the applications typically found in music business operations and industry.

    This is a 100 level course that introduces students to the study of Religion in general; its defination and components parts and African Traditional Religion in particular. The course examine the history of African religion in Africa, its study, defination, concepts, beliefs and the role of functionaries.

    Studnets are expose to those aspects of Traditional practices that influences the daily life of an African, socially and culturally.

    This course is designed to teach students the rudiments of effective speech communication in relation to emotional acting skills.

    Welcome to the Technology for Teaching Jos Cluster of Higher Education Institutions in Plateau State

    This course is for instructors from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Plateau State in Plateau State. The first training workshop of the Technology for Teaching (TfT) Jos Cluster of HEIs in Plateau State held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, mathematics interactive laboratory, on Wednesday November 9, 2011. The Plateau State University (PLASU) and the Federal College of Education Pankshin (FCEP) took part. The Plateau State Polytechnic was unable to send representatives, but has indicated interest in doing so in all forthcoming events. A total of 24 mathematics and computer science instructors as well as 3 techies were present. Only 3 participants were women. The breakdown of participants by institution was as follows. FCEP-12. ICTMaths Team-12. PLASU-3. Librarians and techies from PLASU and FCEP are expected to participate in future activities. This is the first of several activities that will hold under a 25 week training program, using the Model for e-learning in Nigerian HEIs developed by the ICTMaths team. Activities will be essentially on-line with periodic face to face meetings. There will be links to other resources from the University of Jos website including those from the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (PHEA). All participants are already registered on the University of Jos Moodle site and will use this resource maximally.

    To enter the course, click on the link " Jos Cluster of Higher Education Institutions in Plateau State " to the left of this page and then navigate through the modules. As a bona fide participant in the training program, you are already enrolld in the course. Welcome to the Moodle site.

    Introducing the students to the application of Computer for Quantity Surveyors. In this course, they will learn the fundamentals of programming, the use of Autocad, Engineering CAD and SPSS applications.  They shall also be thought the use of Microsoft Project and the pedagogy of eLearning.

    The students are acquainted with the technological development in IT and the basic use of Microsoft applications and the use of the internet for research and academic support.