eFellowship 2012 sandboxes

  • This course is designed only as a sandpit for practice purposes only. It is meant to afford participants' hands on interaction with the features of Moodle
  • This course is intended to be an online support tool for lecturers who want to learn to make effective use of moodle.
  • This course seeks to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to design and develop pedagogically sound and emotionally engaging multimedia objects. The course is delivered in the first instance as a face-to-face workshop and this site only serves to provide the participants with resources for ongoing support
  • The JCPC/Jos-PHEA eLearning Fellowship, administered by the ICT Applications sub-committee of JCPC and the Jos Partnership for Higher Education in Africa Educational Technology Initiative (Jos-PHEA ETI), prepares academic staff to teach with technology and conduct research to improve technology for teaching strategies.

  • This course allows guest users to enter  

    Moodle training

  • The workshop provides an introduction to and exploration of online learning topics, tools and technologies that would lead to the implementation of instructional technology methodologies and practice related to online integrated distributed learning environments deployed within higher education.