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MTH 402: Partial Differential Equations II
MTH 425 Topics in Complex Analysis
MTH 305 Complex Analysis II 2014Information
MTH406: Lebesgue Measure and Integration 2013/2014
MTH304- Complex Analysis 1
MTH 201: Mathematical Methods 1Information
MTH 302: Elementary Differential Equations IIInformation
MTH103: Elementary Mathematics III (2012/13)Information
Instructors' Course on Technology for TeachingInformation
Ordinary Differential Equations I
MTH103: Elementary Mathematics III (2012)
Outputs and Outcomes of the ICT Mathematics Intervention
Jos Cluster of Higher Education Institutions in Plateau StateInformation
MTH101: Elementary Mathematics I (2012/2013)This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
MTH103: Elementary Mathematics III (2011)This course allows guest users to enterInformation
MTH406: Lebesgue Measure and IntegrationInformation
Database Management And Design
MTH 520 Complex Analysis IInformation
Design & Analysis of AlgorithmsInformation
Data Strutures and AlgorithmsInformation