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  • Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies for all new students

  • The primary objective of this course is to assist students in integrating scientific, technological and humanistic outlooks in their lives and attitudes.

    In the modern world of science and technology, students should sufficiently be equipped to understand and deal with scientific developments on a continuous basis. At least, they should be able to have an intelligent understanding of the increasing complexity of technology by being exposed to using their hands in making, repairing and assembling things. In the end, a generation that can apply scientific and technological knowledge to the development and solution of environmental problems for the use and convenience of Nigerians in particular and mankind in general, will have been raised.

    The importance placed by the Federal Government on Science and Technology is seen in the National Policy on Science and Technology, paragraph 39 which says:

    (1) Greater proportion of education expenditure will be devoted to science and technology;

    (2) Universities and other levels of education system will be required to pay greater attention to the development of scientific orientation. To this end, more colleges of technology and polytechnics will be opened in a bid to improve technological and science education

  • The aim of this course is to equip students with the basic tools of communication and critical thinking within and outside Nigeria, English language being not only the Lingua Franca of Nigeria but also an international language.

  • The aim of this course is clearly set out in National Policy on education (1981-85) paragraph 37 : V:

    For Universities to serve as effective instruments for cementing National Unity… widespread ignorance among Nigerian groups about each other and about themselves will be remedied by instituting a compulsory first year course in the course in the social organisation, customs, culture and history of our various peoples.

    The importance which Federal Government places on this Programme is seen clearly in the following sentence:

    The award of degree will be made conditional upon the passing of the paper in this course.

    The programme is therefore designed to meet the above Federal Government’s requirement. The culture is the fountain spring of our national policies, be it economic, education, political, religious or social, is incontrovertible. The programme, consequently, is mounted in order to help students understand and thus be able at the end of the programme to develop and project the cultural heritage of the local Nigerian and African as well as other world traditions.

    This course is expected to inculcate in students an awareness of the plurality of Nigerian culture as well as the possibility of creating a melting pot of this pluralism into one Nigerian (National) culture in the African and world cultures. Indeed, the programme will have sufficiently fostered Nigerian unity with emphasis on the common ties that unite Nigerians in our diversity, and homogeneity out of the heterogeneity of cultures.

    Finally, the students should know that the University exists to serve Nigeria as a whole and that he has an important role to play in fostering national unity, which is the basic pre-condition for growth and development.

  • The aim of this course is to introduce students to the various systems of thought, the different philosophical schools, and the relationship between the social environment and philosophical outlooks. It will help students to appreciate how thought system develop, their social relevance and the process of change. Moreover, exposure to various branches of philosophy, eg, Logic, is aimed at not only broadening the student’s scope of knowledge but specifically to encourage or enhance his/her critical thinking and logic reasoning ability. Students’ power of persuasive arguments and level of understanding, rational discussions and controversies, are expected to be significantly raised by this course.