• Welcome to Elementary Mathematics III

    MTH103: Elementary Mathematics III is a three credit units, Calculus course for first year undergraduate students. The course is divided into five modules namely: Functions, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Integration and Applications of Differentiation and Integration. Each module begins with Objective, Learning Outcomes as well as the Teaching and Learning Activities. Definitions with examples of basic concepts are given, while exercises provide an opportunity for self practice. past examination questions, model answers and marking schemes are also provided.

    To enter the course, click on the link "Elementary Mathematics III" to the left of this page and then navigate through the modules. As a bona fide student, you will need to be supplied with the 'enrollment key' by one of your Lecturers as listed. This will enable your enrollment in the course.

    There are several other resources for your use including Powerpoint presentations, Discussion Forum and a synchronous Chat platform.
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